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Following two decades of building successful businesses in Silicon Valley, Margaret Connor created ConnorForce to support early-stage companies in financial operations. Based in the Metro New York region, the LLC is focused on serving the growing market of new ventures. With expertise in finance and accounting, Margaret and her qualified team offer a beacon for strategic successes. ConnorForce has become the guiding light for the SMB market through its specialty package of products and services.

Margaret Connor - Managing Director

Margaret is a CFO with significant domestic and international operational experience. She began her career working for corporate giants where she gained expertise in globalization and structuring. She has successfully reorganized international businesses to position them for public offerings and built company-wide cash management systems to accurately project cash flows and reduce borrowing needs. For portfolio ventures, Margaret oversaw results and timed investment exit sales to result in generous ROI for the fund. Margaret has broad experience working with emerging growth companies in Silicon Valley. With Board responsibility and as head of finance and much of operations, she established the necessary infrastructure and helped build businesses to successful exits including public offerings and/or acquisitions. Externally, Margaret deals with fund-raising, investor relations and reporting and establishes corrective practices to comply with standard accounting procedures and government rulings and provides senior management with million dollar insights on running the business.

Margaret has a B.A. in social science from Harvard University and an M.B.A in finance from the University of Chicago.


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