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Providing the right resource at the right time

Pre-funded stage

  • Strategic: business model advice, assemble an executive summary, how much to raise
  • Managerial: manage cash flow and cost control – life of existing resources
  • Tactical: record business activity

Growth stage

  • Strategic: market considerations, budgeting, financing
  • Managerial: design, develop and manage the business infrastructure
  • Tactical: follow policies and procedures to record business activity

Mature stage

  • Strategic: expansion, acquisitions, investor relations, partnering, special projects
  • Managerial: financial relations, enhanced reporting, relational metrics, systems evaluation
  • Tactical: efficiency, systems match, internal controls, segregation of duties, external review, assemble data from all facets of the business


  • Strategic: recapitalization, liquidity events, presentation
  • Managerial: increased transparency, GAAP Financial Statements
  • Tactical: special projects, audit preparation

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